The Dogs

Here at The Pheasant Cove, we love using our gun dogs. We work them hard, but at the end of the day we believe they are family. Below are some photos and a description of the gun dogs that will be helping you retrieve all the birds on your hunt.

Thor Baby

Pheasant Cove - Thor

Robins most beloved child… even more then her human kids. Thor is a pure-bred golden retriever, and he is always smiling and wagging his tail.

Don’t be fooled by his charming looks, he will catch his own birds if you hunters keep missing all your shots.

When he is not hunting his favorite past time is cuddling with Robin and licking Winston clean.

Winston - The Tank

Pheasant Cove - Winston

Winston, a yellow lab, was found on FaceBook Marketplace at a time when the Cove needed gun dogs badly. He does not look as good as all the golden retrievers but is still loved!

He’s not a pretty boy like the other dogs, and has the most drive out of anyone. You can tell him to go through a thorn bush, and he won’t hesitate.

When Winston is not hunting, he enjoys sleeping and eating. He also tries to get the attention he works so hard for.

Odin AKA Odei

Pheasant Cove - Odin

The newest addition to the family and a golden retriever. He’s currently in training and doing very well. He has been on a few hunts and loves it.

Not afraid of anything… as of now. He’s a smart bugger, sometimes too smart for his own good.

He will be competing in the AKC Hunt test this year and hopefully earn his Jr. Hunt title.

During his time off, he’s always trying to play with Thor. He also likes to play, play, play.

Buaucephus AKA Bua

Bua will be coming to the cove spring 2024. He will be from the same breeder as Odin. Bua and Odin will be half brothers.

Gun Dog Tributes


Pheasant Cove - Chomper

The original Pheasant Cove gun dog. He was a chocolate lab.

Chomper was Marv and Carol’s prize possession.

All the original hunters still talk about him to this day.


Pheasant Cove - Q2

Q2 was arguably the best hunting dog The Cove has seen. He was half vizsla and half golden retriever.

He was a knot-head at times, but he did everything exceptionally. He hunted till the day he died.

The only thing he ever thought about was pheasant hunting and fetching. Q2 passed the Summer of 2022.